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WordPress is indisputably the most preferred CMS platform on the web. Due to the popularity and development of WordPress CMS, themes that are specially made for sites powered by WordPress also gained considerable fame in the market. Users love WordPress themes because it is painless to set up and can be used to create a website like blog, personal, corporate and portfolio site. However, quality free WordPress themes are not easy to find that is why I decided to gather some of the finest free WordPress themes on hand. Most of these themes include astonishing features that will certainly blow your mind. So, here’s the list of the best free WordPress themes that you can use for your next project


Most of these themes are designed to be used as food recipe directory themes with front-end submissions, advanced recipe management and much more. These theme feature premium quality, support, and documentation that will help to create your own website with ease.

Food recipe sites got insanely popular thanks to Pinterest and some of these themes are inspired but its design and functionality. We tried to find a different kind of food WordPress themes for different needs. Everyone should be able to find the right theme that suits their needs



Jevelin is a robust and reliable, modern and competent, easy to use and creative, fluid and responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin has been crafted with care to furnish webmasters from all walks of life and backgrounds to put together impressively resourceful modern websites for just about any purpose without having to write a line of code at any point. Immensely flexible, Jevelin includes dozens of template pages and demo websites you can deploy with a single click within a minute of the initial setup.

That’s why bloggers love Jevelin; its customization capabilities are unmatched in terms of both depth and intuitiveness, and a plethora of modern and stylish templates and demos for different kinds of blog websites specializing in a number of niches. Food bloggers, foodies, professional food critics and related bloggers love Jevelin’s fully fleshed out food blog template demos. Jevelin is perfect for the modern web, with capable social media sharing features built right into the theme so your content can quickly spread and viral through all the major players in social media with utter ease. Jevelin has plentiful headers, footers, widgetized areas and customizable sections you can deploy within a couple of clicks. Try Jevelin today!

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Perhaps the simplest way to explain affiliate marketing is that it is a way of making money online whereby you as a publisher are rewarded for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site.


There are a number of forms of these types of promotions but in most cases they involve you as a publisher earning a commission when someone follows a link on your blog to another site where they then buy something.


Other variations on this are where you earn an amount for referring a visitor who takes some kind of action – for example when they sign up for something and give an email address, where they complete a survey, where they leave a name and address etc.


Commissions are often a percentage of a sale but can also be a fixed amount per conversion.


Conversions are generally tracked when the publisher (you) uses a link with a code only being used by you embedded into it that enables the advertiser to track where conversions come from (usually by cookies). Other times an advertiser might give a publisher a ‘coupon code’ for their readers to use that helps to track conversions.


For example:  when I recently released my 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Workbook I also give people an opportunity to promote the workbook with an affiliate program whereby they could earn a 40% commission for each sale. When you sign up to become an affiliate you are given a special code unique to you that enables you to promote the workbook and make $7.98 per sale. The top affiliates earned over $2000 in the first few weeks after launch through these commissions.


Advertisers often prefer affiliate marketing as a way to promote their products because they know they’ll only need to pay for the advertising when there’s a conversion. I knew when I started this affiliate program that while I’d earn less for each sale that having a network of affiliates promoting it would almost certainly increase overall sales levels.

Publishers often prefer affiliate marketing because if they find a product that is relevant to their niche that earnings can go well in excess of any cost per click or cost per impression advertising campaign.

Why Affiliate Marketing Can Work Well on Blogs


Affiliate marketing isn’t the only way to make money from blogs and it won’t suit every blog/blogger (more on this below) but there are a few reasons why it can be profitable in our medium. Perhaps the biggest of these reasons is that affiliate marketing seems to work best when there’s a relationship with trust between the publisher and their readership.


I’ve found that as this trust deepens that readers are more likely to follow the recommendations that a blogger makes.


Of course this can also be a negative with affiliate marketing – promote the wrong product and trust can be broken (more on this below).


Affiliate Marketing – Easy Money?


While affiliate marketing can be incredibly lucrative it is important to know that affiliate marketing is not easy money. Most people who try it make very little as it relies upon numerous factors including:


  • traffic (high traffic helps a lot)
  • finding relevant products
  • finding quality products
  • building trust with your readers
  • having a readership who is in a ‘buying mood’
  • you being able to write good sales copy (and more)

There’s also some risk associated with affiliate marketing in that if you push too hard or promote products of a low quality you can actually burn readers and hurt your reputation and brand.


It’s also worth noting that affiliate marketing doesn’t work on all blogs. Some blogs are on topics where it is hard to find products to promote – other blogs attract audiences who are not in a buying frame of mind and for other blogs it just doesn’t fit with the blogger’s style or approach.

O que e ser um afiliado

Tomorrow I want to continue the focus upon affiliate marketing with another post – this one on how to find affiliate products to promote.

O que é ser um Afiliado -(Profissão Afiliado Parte 1)


Diabetes is a important existence-prolonged health situation that takes place at the same time as the quantity of glucose (sugar) in the blood is just too high because of the fact the body can’t use it nicely. if left untreated, excessive blood glucose degrees can cause excessive health complications.
there are essential kinds of diabetes: kind 1 and kind 2. they’re one-of-a-type conditions, attributable to various matters, but they may be both extreme and need to be treated and controlled nicely
insulin is a hormone produced by way of the pancreas that performs a very important role in our our bodies. when we devour, we start to digest carbohydrates, breaking them down into glucose.
the insulin launched via way of the pancreas movements glucose into our cells, wherein it is used as fuel for power. it may help to remember the fact that insulin is often described as a key, which open the doors to the cells, permitting glucose to go into.

Diabetes dominada
how does diabetes have an effect on the body?
whilst someone has diabetes, their frame can’t maintain healthy tiers of glucose in the blood. glucose is a form of sugar it's the primary deliver of electricity for our our our bodies. dangerous levels of glucose within the blood can motive long term and short term health complications.
for our our bodies to art work well we need to convert glucose (sugar) from food into strength. a hormone referred to as insulin is critical for the conversion of glucose into energy. in people with diabetes, insulin isn't always produced or no longer produced in sufficient amounts with the aid of way of the frame. whilst people with diabetes consume glucose, this is in ingredients which consist of breads, cereals, fruit and starchy greens, legumes, milk, yoghurt and chocolates, it is able to’t be transformed into strength.
in desire to being have become power the glucose stays within the blood resulting in excessive blood glucose degrees. after eating, the glucose is carried around your frame in your blood. your blood glucose stage is referred to as glycaemia. blood glucose levels may be monitored and managed via self care and remedy
three assets you want to understand approximately diabetes:
it is not one situation- there are three important sorts of diabetes: type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes
all styles of diabetes are complicated and require every day care and management
diabetes does now not discriminate, every body can make bigger diabetes
in type 1 diabetes, signs are regularly sudden and may be life-threatening; consequently it's also diagnosed pretty speedy. in type 2 diabetes, many human beings don't have any symptoms at all, while exceptional signs and symptoms can move omitted being visible as a part of ‘growing old’.
therefore, by the point signs are observed, complications of diabetes can also already be present.
commonplace symptoms include:
being more thirsty than conventional
passing greater urine
feeling worn-out and lethargic
always feeling hungry
having cuts that heal slowly
itching, skin infections
blurred vision
unexplained weight loss (type 1)
grade by grade setting on weight (kind 2)
temper swings
feeling dizzy
leg cramps
this records is of a popular nature high-quality and should not be substituted for scientific recommendation or used to adjust clinical therapy. it does no longer replace consultations with certified healthcare specialists to meet your person medical wishes

Existem muitos tipos de investimentos e estilos de investimento para escolher. Fundos mútuos, ETFs, ações e títulos individuais, fundos de investimento fechados, imóveis, vários investimentos alternativos e possuir todo ou parte de uma empresa são apenas alguns exemplos.


Fundos mútuos

Um fundo mútuo é um veículo de investimento agrupado gerenciado por um gerente de investimentos que permite que os investidores tenham seu dinheiro investido em ações, títulos ou outros veículos de investimento, conforme indicado no prospecto do fundo.

Os fundos mútuos são avaliados no final do dia de negociação e todas as transações para comprar ou vender ações são executadas após o fechamento do mercado também.


Os fundos mútuos podem acompanhar passivamente os índices de mercado de ações ou títulos, como o S & P 500, o Índice de títulos agregados do Barclay e muitos outros. Outros fundos de investimento são ativamente gerenciados, onde o gerente seleciona ativamente as ações, títulos ou outros investimentos detidos pelo fundo. Os fundos de investimento controlados ativamente geralmente são mais caros de possuir. As despesas subjacentes do fundo servem para reduzir o retorno do investimento líquido aos acionistas do fundo mútuo.

Os fundos mútuos podem fazer distribuições sob a forma de dividendos, juros e ganhos de capital. Essas distribuições serão tributáveis se mantidas em uma conta sem aposentadoria. A venda de um fundo mútuo pode resultar em um ganho ou perda no investimento, assim como com ações ou títulos individuais.

Os fundos mútuos permitem que pequenos investidores compram instantaneamente uma exposição diversificada a uma série de participações de investimento dentro do objetivo de investimento do fundo. Por exemplo, um mútuo de ações estrangeiras pode deter 50 ou 100 ou mais ações estrangeiras diferentes na carteira. Um investimento inicial tão baixo quanto $ 1.000 (ou menos em alguns casos) pode permitir que um investidor seja proprietário de todas as participações subjacentes do fundo. Os fundos mútuos são uma ótima maneira para os investidores grandes e pequenos alcançar um nível de diversificação instantânea.


Os ETFs ou fundos negociados em bolsa são como fundos mútuos em muitos aspectos, mas são negociados na bolsa de valores durante o dia de negociação, assim como ações de ações. Ao contrário dos fundos de investimento que são avaliados no final de cada dia de negociação, os ETFs são avaliados constantemente enquanto os mercados estão abertos.

Nos últimos anos, os ETFs gerenciados ativamente surgiram, assim como os chamados ETFs inteligentes beta que criam índices baseados em "fatores", como qualidade, baixa volatilidade e impulso.


A compra de ações representa a propriedade da empresa e a oportunidade de participar do sucesso da empresa através de aumentos no preço mais do estoque e dividendos que a empresa pode declarar. Os acionistas reclamam os ativos da empresa.

Os detentores de ações ordinárias têm direito de voto nas assembleias de acionistas e o direito de receber dividendos se forem declarados. Os detentores de ações preferenciais não possuem direitos de voto, mas recebem preferência em termos de pagamento de dividendos sobre os acionistas comuns. Eles também possuem maior crédito nos ativos da empresa do que os detentores de ações ordinárias.


Existem diversos tipo de investimentos que podem gerar um bom retorno. Um que está em alta no mercado brasileiro é opções binárias.

Agora que você já sabe alguns tipos de investimentos. Que tal começar a investir agora e obter bons resultados?

Boa sorte!